About Us

Maranatha TV is equipped to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the world by satellite broadcasting. Through television, we present the gospel in many unique ways to motivate believers, and provide them with helpful information about issues and current events.

In 2016, Bishop Noble Francis Afotey Odai founded the Afodai Multimedia Limited of which the Maranatha TV is a subsidiary. As president of the network, he used his passion for Christian television to develop a vision of broadcasting the gospel into every home in Ghana and across the world. Since founding the network, his vision continues to grow by distributing positive Christian programming to the masses. Maranatha TV strives to provide programs brimming with unique and wholesome values. These inspiring and engaging programs provide families and individuals from all walks of life with the best in Christian television today.

Ever growing, Maranatha TV is currently reaching millions of homes through satellite, on-air broadcast, mobile application and the internet. The station’s programming is live streaming 24/7 on its website, www.maranathatv.com. Plus visitors to the website will find “Video on Demand” for convenience of their viewing schedules. Maranatha TV Mobile is a free application that allows you to take the station with you wherever you are by iPhone/iPad and Android applications. Download yours today from iTunes or the Google Play Store and take Maranatha TV with you anywhere.

Through the leadership and vision of Bishop Noble Francis Afotey Odai, Maranatha TV continues on a path of astounding growth. We use every means available to reach people of all cultures, right where they are. Thanks to the favor of God, and the prayers and financial support of our loyal Partners, we will continue to expand throughout the world with a message of hope. Our Partners make the difference!

We are a Family…
“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household,” (Ephesians 2:19)
Maranatha TV, as a Christian family network, pulls together people and various ministries across the nation Ghana and beyond to work together in spreading the gospel. Through original programs and community involvement we seek to partner with the Christian community as one big family of believers. We are His children and our viewers are our brothers and sisters.

Since its inception, one of the station’s main goals has been to work with local churches to provide help for needy families. Partnering with like-minded local churches, ministries and individuals, has provided food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance to thousands of needy families in our community and nation at large. In addition to helping to meet the physical and financial needs of families, the station also strives to meet the spiritual needs of families by providing trained prayer partners who answer viewer calls for help and prayer 24 hours a day.

At Maranatha TV, we believe that in Christ Jesus everyone can achieve and experience more in life, business and ministry. Be part of this great family.